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Why is the bill so high? This program allows you to record the consumption of electricity
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13 May 2010

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Many of us are aware that we should ideally save electricity, water, fuel, gas etc but we don’t know how to save. A lot of public announcements are made for informing the ways of saving energy such as by switching of the lights, fans, AC’s etc when they are not in use. To help us with such issues, the Energy Saving 1.13 is made so that we could come to know how much energy is being consumed annually by an individual. This software is environment friendly and allows us to calculate the energy consumption. The software also includes with a lot of useful tips on energy savings.

The Energy Saver opens with a colorful interface which consists of lively colors that attracts the user towards itself. This software can be accessed in different languages such as English, German, and Polish. This user interface is divided into four sections such as power, water, gas and heating oil, each designed to quickly help you to know the annual cost and consumption of different appliances. It includes an inbuilt calculator that helps us to calculate the annual consumption recorded by different appliances. The software allows you to enter multiple entries and it analyses the data that is fed into it. The software also provides you with the help menu in which you can get the detail information about each section that is there on the interface. It also provides you with the links which helps you to send your queries as well as to update your software.

This software is so multifunctional that a novice can also use this application. The Energy Saving will help you to know about the cause of higher bills as well as how much energy is being wasted. The software is too easy to use owing to this the application receives a 4 rating point.

Publisher's description

Why is the bill so high? Is the meter working properly? Why have we used so much gas, fuel and oil this year?
This program allows you to record the consumption of electricity, water, gas and heating oil. Thus you can identify the cause of higher bills more easily.
The clearly arranged, graphical analyses make it possible to compare the data to track changes related to the resource consumption ("Are we more efficient?").
The program also has a cost calculator for electricity and water, allowing an efficient and easy calculation of the resource consumption of a selectable appliance.
In addition, the software has many tips on energy savings which will allow you to reduce monthly expenditure on electricity, water, gas and heating oil.
Features of Energy Saving at a glance:
- Recording of consumption of electricity, water, gas and heating oil.
- Calculation of consumption and the cost of electricity and water.
- Many opportunities to create a transparent, graphical summary of stored data.
- Ability to print the single entries and all analyses.
- Many tips on energy savings are included.
- Integrated help system.
- Automatic program updates (deactivation is possible).
- Multilingual (at the moment English, German and Polish).
- Intuitive program interface.
- Free e-mail support in case of problems or questions.
- Minor updates of full version for free.
Energy Saving
Energy Saving
Version 1.1.4
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